Adding customer tags through links

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Hi everyone,

I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a solution to a slightly unusual problem. I'm making a store for an interactive theatre/game company and the idea behind one particular story is that it takes place partly online. I'm hoping to use customer tags to track which decisions customers make when they reach certain points of the story.

What I'm looking for is a button that is both a link to another site, and adds a tag to the customer that clicked it. I'm quite new to Shopify and I don't have a heap of coding experience, but I've got enough that I've figured out how to make custom page templates and make buttons that work as links. The part I can't figure out is how to update a customer's tag when they click on it.

Is this possible? From what I've seen it certainly looks like it should be, but I don't know Liquid at all. Any help would be appreciated :)