Adding different filters for each category

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Hello, I am looking to see if I am able to put different filters for each category. To further explain, my website (Main Navigation/Home page) has Hoodies, Jackets, Long Sleeve Shirts, Sweaters, and T-shirts with each of them having a drop down menu of 11 categories. Just to name the first 4 they are Firearms, Swords, Daggers, and Bow and Arrows (Graphic designs). What I want is for each of these 11 categories to have its own filters. For example, Hoodies then Firearms then when you filter you have Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Machine guns, etc. If it’s Hoodies then Swords then it will be when you further filter, Katanas, Longswords, Ninjatos, claymores, etc. Here is a scenario example, John Doe is on my website. He is looking for Sweaters so he hovers over Sweaters and the drop down menu appears of the 11 categories (Firearms, Swords, Daggers, Bow and Arrows, etc). He is interested in Daggers so when he clicks on that he would be able to see that if he clicks on filters, there would be an option to further filter the Daggers which is Knightley daggers, push daggers, stilettos, etc. Ill give one more example just in case, Jane doe is on the website. She is interested in a T-shirt. She hovers over it, drop down menu appears of the 11 categories. She’s like oh wow let me see t-shirt designs of Bow and Arrows. Once she clicks on that and realizes she can further filter the Bow and Arrow t-shirt designs. It should say Long bows, Compound bows, etc. Do you know what I mean/ understand me? I have implemented this but I have run into a problem where I put for Firearms the assault rifles, Submachine Guns, and all that. It shows up for every single one of the 11 categories. For example, customer clicks Long sleeve shirts then Swords but the filters show the firearms filters or it shows Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns and all that. That of course doesn’t make sense. At this point I’m not sure if this is even possible or if there IS something I can do as I have been trying all kinds of things. I was also thinking this might involve some coding or programming or whatever of the sorts but I do not know anything of that. I am still kinda new and I only been using Shopify for a couple of months. I’m learning as I go. I’ve decided to post here if there is any way I can get some help. Thanks.