Adding item details to collection list in Brooklyn

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-I originally posted this in technical Q&A but it might be better in Shopify Design so I'm reposting here-

Hi, I'm using the Brooklyn theme and I'm listing products that need details like manufacturer and price.  I'd like to add these below the item so that customers can see all of this at once and not need to click to the item's page.  One example of this can be found at under "Some of our Favourites" where coffees are shown with the details below.  How can I include this on my page?

Additional info - I understand CSS but have no idea what liquid is or how to edit it (dreamweaver?)  I can find the CSS script for the coffee website and see how they did the coding but that doesn't help me on my page because it doesn't use the same files and configuration.  Can anyone help?  Would a different theme be better suited or can I make this work with Brooklyn, and how?  Thanks!


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Doable, no need for a different theme you can add the two extra fields by looking up the "product-grid" or "featured-collection" liquid files then adding it here.

Alternatively we can do this quickly for you by requesting collaborator access and then providing the solution here for the community. Let us know!

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