Adding minimum price to an order

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Hello everyone,

I would like to add a minimum price to an order, 100€, and not allowing clients to purchase the product if the cost of all the variants for the same product is less than 100€.

For example:

Product A

Variants: Size S, M, L

Product B

Variants: Size S, M, L


A client should be able to spend 50€ in Product A-S, 25€ in Product A-M and 25€ in Product A-L, but not just 50€ in Product A-S and 50€ in Product B-M.


I'm currently not interested in paid apps, I'm using the basic Shopify plan, and the "Narrative" theme.

Is this something than can be done? I'm very unfamiliar with liquid, so every help is welcome.

Thanks a lot