Adding navigational arrows to a collection of products in the Debut theme

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Hello, I was wondering how I could add navigational arrows to a collection of products in the Debut theme. An excellent example is linked here: Under featured products, there's navigational arrows where you can click to see the next product, having all of the products in one row. Thank you!

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That function you're referring to is called a carousel.


You basically need to set up the carousel and loop the products inside of it. 


<div class="carousel">
  {% for product in collections.COLLECTION_HANDLE.products %}
    {% include 'product-grid-item' %}
  {% endfor %}

If you're using slick for example, you need to include the plugin files (js and css) in the head and then initialize the script: 




Most themes will have a product-grid-item.liquid file or something like it that contains the actual thumbnail, product name, price, etc. You just need to find that and loop it. 


If this is all confusing to you, it's probably best to hire an expert to get it done. Typically you'll need to make some adjustments to the theme in addition to this so it scales properly on mobile and things like that. What I posted though will get you like 60-70% of the way there.

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Yup, Eric has pointed you in the right direction. Slick is a really robust and adjustable javascript slider. If you have questions about it be sure to go into the comments section toward the bottom, lots of people have probably already had similar problems you'll encounter. 

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Are arrows in a normal image slideshow also possible?  with the same accepted solution here?


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Hey Guys! Can the inserted Code not come into conflict with the already installed slide-selector in the Narrative theme as in Donnie's case (see Donnie's parallel threads)?

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