Adding sections to other pages and templates in Debut Theme without duplicating the content.

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I have created several custom page in my template, How do I make it appear as different instance without duplicating the same "slide-shows,"collection lists".

Expectations: Let's say page template A has an apple, page template B will have a different one.

Reality: I have added {% section 'custom-content' %} and several others however it works only on one custom page, the other one will just duplicate whatever the template A has.

I have no clue what is going on.

Happy New Years, I wish to resolve this issue will be much appreciated if anyone can help. 

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I am having this same problem! Have you received any help or fixed this issue? 

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Hi @CiaraElise & @ThanksNeedHelp !

What you're both facing here is that you're using one page template for multiple pages. What you should do is create a new template for each new page, otherwise you will be modifying one template at all times, regardless of which page you're editing.

Let me know if that's clear for you!

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