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We are new here and love it so far. Id like to customize a few things on our main home page for our store. 


1st, how do we change the payment icons that come with shopify ? We only want to see Interact & paypal. 

2nd, how do we add a small image to the side menu that people can see, but also click on to take them to another page ?

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1) You might be able to do this in the Customize Theme section. If not, you can read the code in your theme files (Online Store > Themes > Edit code) to see where they're being loaded.


If they're in your footer, they might be in a snippet or section called footer.liquid... or they could be in theme.liquid, those are common spots for stuff like that.


Once you find the code that shows the icons, you can comment out or delete the code showing the extra icons (make sure you backup your theme before making changes).


2) Similar to #1, start by investigating where the code is loading the side menu. Once you locate that, you can add your html (example: <a href=""><img src="img_url" /></a>)


It might be hard to locate where the code is if you're not familiar with Shopify themes, but you can read the code and trace where each piece loads in - start with the template folder (for example if you want to edit something on the collection page, start at collection.liquid in Templates folder and trace the include statements to navigate the code).



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