Adding social media icons to email notifications

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I've been trying to add social media icons to the bottom of the various email notifications for my store but nothing has been working. I've tried a couple different methods and they have all worked in preview but they don't work in a test email or in the real email. With either method the icons will appear as missing links. 


I've tried linking a SVG file from the asset folder using this code 


<a href="LINK"><img src="{{ 'facebook-gray.svg' | asset_url }}" alt="facebook"/></a>



I've also tried uploading the icons into the files and linking it using a shopify link  


<a href="LINK" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a> 


Am I just inserting this code wrong or do I need to add something that will link these email notifications to the asset folder? The notifications are built with their own css within the html and they don't pull styles from the theme css file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.