Adding subtitle to checkout shipping method

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We've been using an app -- Advanced Shipping Rules -- that allows us to create a "subtitle" beneath the shipping method title. I'm attaching two images to show how this looks in the app and in the checkout.




We'll be running a second shop *without* Advanced Shipping Rules. We want to keep this "subtitle" functionality using only the default Shopify shipping methods.


But we can't find a way to do so in Shopify's settings; all we can do is create a large, undifferentiated title that won't even allow a breakline.


We know that the checkout screen is locked down (except for Shopify Plus users). But the Advanced Shipping Rules app can add a subtitle on our non-Plus store, so there's clearly a way to do so.


How can we do what this app is doing on our non-Plus checkout? Is there a setting or field we're missing, or is this an exception to the lock down and achievable through Liquid?


Thank you for any help.

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I'm looking for something like this, too.

I need a way to add description for each shipping method.

I don't feel like this basic function should require a costly extension.

Anyone have a solution?

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