Adding text and button over a video

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Hi Forum!

I posted a few months back, but cannot find my thread so I am restarting. I don't know html that well so I am hoping someone can help me. I have a shopify store and I managed to figure out how to get a video on loop spaning the page and now I want to overly some text with a button like this: so I can eventually make the pages following the link (which I also cannot figure out)

But I am only able to get this far:

I am hitting my head against a wall, can anyone help?  Offers of tea in exchange for hmtl :) 





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Hey there,

I tried opening the links, but none worked for me. Here are the links for the 404 Error.

Link 1:

Link 2:

From what you've mentioned in the post, I figured out that you want add a button to your video, which when clicked will take the user to your desired link.

Well, I know a tool that might of some help to you, its called Octovid

Not to worry its a free tool, and wont ask you for your CC details.