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Hello everyone,

I'm using the debut theme, and while it looks excellent on the homepage the product page is looking a little pale...

So I wanted to change it with adding image+text under the description. I tried to add the a section that allows the homepage to do it in the product.liquid but it had 2 main issues.

 1. If I tried to change the photo+text it affected the same section at the home page - meaning that it didn't create a new section that I can manipulate for each product individuality, it just pointed to the home page section...

2. The image + text is under the "return to collection button" and it needs to be the other way around to look good.

Does anyone tried something similar and succeeded or just added their own feature to the product page with a simple code?



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You can create new section for product page. But section will be same on all products.


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If you simply included section that already exist, to some other page, it will show same data everywhere.

From Shopify documentation:

"A section can be included in multiple templates, but there exists only one instance of that section. When a merchant changes the configuration of a static section in one place, that change will apply to all other places where the section is included."


Here's what you need to do:

  1. create a new section called feature-row-product
  2. copy everything from feature-row into feature-row-product
  3. go to product.liquid templates

right after :

{% section 'product-template' %}

paste this:

{% section 'feature-row-product' %}


Note: you can do this for any section you like to see on any page: product, static page, blog, articles, collections.

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I wanted to do the same thing, and I followed your process. But, adding below to the new page I could just add one single image with text. I want to add multiple, how can I do it? Any suggestion?

{% section 'feature-row-product' %}


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Hey, I know this is a late response, but I've figured it out. What you have to do is to create a new section, with entirely the same code as 'feature-row-product' and paste that in one after another.

So for example, 'feature-row-product-2' for a second one and 'feature-row-product-3' for a third one.

Hope this helps, cheers!

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Duplicating the section will work, however as it has been said, content would be the same for all products

If content has to be different for each product, a better approach would be using metafields

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