Adding third party scripts to shopify checkout

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Hi All

I have a script that is to be placed above the body tag of a page.
Currently this script is present in  the  theme.liquid but we are noticing we are  having issues getting it to fire on the checkout pages.
The first thing I would like to check is , is it possible on  a Shopify Plus account to add  third party scripts to the checkout.liquid file

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Hey there Luke!

Cynthia here, a Guru with Shopify :).

That shouldn't be any issue at all - the <head> section of the checkout.liquid is where you can include different scripts such as Google Analytics, Shopify analytics, app scripts, etc.

So, as long as you place it before the <body> section (where the checkout content starts), then you shouldn't have any problem adding that script to checkout.liquid and getting it to fire correctly.

Let me know how that goes!

Cynn | Guru @ Shopify


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Hey Luke,

One thing to be mindful of is that checkout.liquid needs to be enabled by the accounts Merchant Success Manager (MSM). It's not available by default.

Even if the theme has a checkout.liquid file it won't be used in the checkout until it's enabled. This is something your MSM can help with.

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