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I added the ajaxify cart to my symmetry theme to prevent the page being redirected to the cart once a product is added. This works when a product is added on a products page. However when the add to cart button is clicked on the home page (product collection slider) the ajaxify cart is not triggered and the page is redircetd to the cart.

Any help would be much appretiated.



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Hey Tom,

This thread is for Shopify Scripts - and not for theme relating issues. No doubt this will get moved to the right section, but try the Design thread next time ;)

Your storefront is locked so forum members won't be able to see this issue in action. That will make help and advice much harder to give.

Generally a theme only loads the scripts - or adds specific code - for the template page being viewed. I would assume that the scripts or inline JavaScript that you have on the product page is not present on the home page. That's creating an error or making it impossible for the ajax functions to run.

Have you checked your browser debug console to see what errors might be shown? This could give you some clues to tracking down the issue.

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Moving this thread to Shopify Design

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Hey Michelle! 

I've actually gone ahead and moved this into Shopify Design where you should be able to get a more on-topic answer to your question!