Aligning Website Images

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Good Morning,

I have recently tried to implement lazy loading using the method found here:

My Google Page Speed Insights Scores & metrics (using all 4 connectivity options, 1 desktop, 3 mobile) all  improved well (particularly in mobile), but my images all became off centered & not aligned anymore.

The URL for the page that I tested it on is

As you can see, the images now appear more like they are on stairs/levels.

I reverted my theme back to the version before any of the code changes were implemented, and my pages are still showing up wrong when I load them in a private browser window across multiple computers (most of which I have also not accessed the site on before).

I have undone all of my code changes in the version of the theme I was running & saved them, & also reverted the theme as mentioned above, so there should not be any cached data in any of these browsers so it is concerning.

What would be the best way to get my images back to loading properly on this page?



- Charlie