Allow overselling but notify customer in cart

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Hi!  I am currently setting up my store.  I'm moving to Shopify from BigCommerce.  I have custom code in the BC shop that sends a notification to customers (like a banner under the item in the cart) that it is oversold and will take about a week to ship.


I want to oversell some products on Shopify.  Does anyone know how I can set it up so that below the item in the cart, I have a little banner or sentence that says "This item is backordered and will ship in about a week.  Sweet!"


Ideally, it would be in the standard font for the site and in a bold or another color.


Is this something I can do myself (I am an artist, not a coder, but I can do some limited HTML) and can follow instructions. or do I need to hire an expert?  I've tried the "Hire an expert" route but that just gets me stock messages from the same group of about 5 coders who don't seem to have even read the job description.  Maybe advice there, too?


THank you for any help anyone can provide!