Allowing Collection preview inside a product page

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I'm selling clothes on my shopify store, and I'm looking for a way to display "linked" products inside the product page.


Let me explain : 


I am posting a product (a jean for example) but in the main picture, it is displayed with a shirt, a bag, and a belt.

Those 3 extra items are also available in my shop, in their own product pages.


What I want is a way to display the 3 others in each of the 4 product pages, (each product can redirect you to the whole "look")


For the design, the same ouput as the section from the "related product" is enough ( )


For technically linking the products together, I thought about using a Collection for each look (maybe there is a cleaner way ?)


What I am missing now is for a way to re-use the "recommenced products" code to match my requirement ( if product is part of a "look" collection, then display a section containing all the others products of the collection )


I can code without problem, I am just a beginner in shopify & liquid.


Any tips greatly appreciated :)


Thank you