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Hi All,

Can I please get a little advice on alt image text. I have the Crush Pics app which is set up to optimize alt tags & file names. If a product has several images, Crush Pics uses the same file name & alt tag on all the images. I have been reading about SEO optimization & the advice is to have a different alt tag for each image. So should I just use Crush Pics for image compression & manually change the alt tags ? I have no idea what the difference is between file name & alt text by the way & to be perfectly honest, I find SEO quite confusing. Can somebody please help.


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I like the format [product title] + [product type] + [variant title]. Reference to my preferred setup with Crush Pics, after analyzing image SEO:

I personally don't worry about editing different alt attributes for each image, since they're all linked to the same product, and if you use the formula I use the variant title will show up for different colors / options.

The article I linked to above has reference / examples of Google's best practices, so you can also use their recommendations as a guide for your strategy.

Like with many aspects of SEO, you can get super detailed in perfect optimization (like manually editing each alt attribute on every image on your site), but in my opinion the ROI doesn't make up for the time spent on something like image alt attributes. I think using the automated method is a great ROI and optimizes 90% of what you'd want with image alts.

SEO changes over time, but in my experience image alt attributes are a key on page SEO component (+ getting in google images), and from what I understand, filenames has some SEO signaling but is not as strong an indicator as image alt attributes.

For more SEO tips on Shopify + links to great SEO guides for beginners to intermediate level that were created by SEO experts (not me haha), check the tools and resources section of my Shopify SEO guide.

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Thankyou for your insights. I will check out the links you mentioned. I tend to overthink everything especially when there is differing information eg with SEO - have long descriptions, don't have long descriptions. 

Your help is appreciated.