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Amazon OneLink works from my homepage, but does not work from the product page. Here is the background and issue:


- I have Amazon OneLink code installed on the footer of theme.liquid

- I have my US and CA Amazon affiliates linked

- I am using a US marketplace affiliate link (

- I am in Canada


On my homepage (, click any of the slider images and it correctly re-directs to the CA Amazon marketplace.


On the product page (, click the test link and it goes to the US marketplace. 


On each page, right click and copy the link address, you will see they are both the same ( But the home page redirects to CA marketplace and product page goes to US marketplace. 


What is taking place behind the scenes on the product page that I am unaware of that is preventing Amazon OneLink re-direction to the correct marketplace?


Any help is appreciated, because this has been driving me crazy for a few days now.