Amazon seller and Shopify Store: How Should I Balance the Marketing

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Hi,everyone from the Shopify community. Thank you for checking my post and that will be great if you have any suggestions. 


1. I am an amazon seller, because of amazon's system, we can not accumulate any customer information and it is not a good thing for remarketing. So my first goal is to let customers sign in with their amazon account on our website. IS THIS POSSIBLE? 

2. As we have a limited budget for the Shopify store in the very beginning, here is my second goal: we want to insert a "buy on amazon" button on our product page so customers could complete their purchase on Amazon. In this way, we could directly arrange shipping from our Amazon FBA warehouse and it does not cost extra shipping and also customers could receive packages within 2 days fast shipping. it also offers a great shopping experience. 


I need to explain why to let customers buy on amazon cut cost: 1) we wanna keep 2-days fast shipping 2) if we arrange the delivery via amazon third-part orders package, the package shipping cost is very expensive 3) if we arrange the shipping from our own country, it will take longer time and does not reach customers expectation. The above reasons are why the "buy on amazon" button is our best choice. 


My question is whether if the first goal and second goal are contradicting each other? If we let customers complete their purchase on amazon, do we still have a chance to accumulate customers' information for remarketing? 

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One idea is to use OTW Shipping so your shipping times are 1-3 days and do FBM instead of FBA. You'll be able to remarket this way. They also do international shipping! No minimums and great rates.