Any Apps for Amazon Australia?

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We recently signed up for Amazon Australia but need to bring the orders into our Shopify store. We used Codisto, but they don't actually feed the order in- meaning it stays wrapped in the Codisto software, so to process it properly we have to manually create the order anyways. Anyone seen a workaround or app? 

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I've used Codisto before to automatically create Shopify orders for Amazon FBM orders, there's a feature in Codisto to "auto send", that sounds like it should do the trick.

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Hi Tractorup


Codisto definitely DOES automatically send orders to Shopify (reducing inventory assuming not FBA).  We also update status and tracking information on Amazon when it is changed in Shopify.


By default all orders for 'Codisto managed' products are automatically sent to Shopify but you can easily change to 'All' (e.g. if you have products on Amazon that aren't managed by Codisto but want all orders in Shopify) or 'never' (you can still push these into Shopify if you want to but it's manually controlled inside the Codisto orders screen).


We'll reach out to you via support to ensure you're set up the way you want to be.