Apps overlapping - Can I send one to the front/bring one app forward?

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Hi there


I currently have a GDPR cookie app which just informs people of cookies and a spin to win app floating at the bottom right corner. 


My problem is, only on a mac/laptop, the spin to win is above the cookie bars "ok" button. is there any way to move the cookie bar to the front that overlaps the spin to win?Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 12.39.07.png


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Does your cookie app offer custom css? If so, go to the page where the cookie banner is displaying, right click, and inspect it. Copy the class for the cookie banner, and try pasting this into the custom css section: 


.classcopiedfromcookiebannerdiv { z-index: 999; }
.classcopiedfromcookiebannerdiv { z-index: 999; position: absolute; }

Also, you can try going into the theme code. Check to see if the css for the cookie app is installed there, and directly edit the css with the same class. You can test if this works beforehand by using the inspector element in google chrome, or other dev tools. Right click > inspect on the cookie banner, then see what class/stylesheet it's pulling from. View the styles it's using under "Styles" at the bottom of the inspector section. Enter z-index: 9999; in the css class it's pulling from and hit enter.




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