Argh!! in url (handle) when duplicating a product..

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Lets say I created a product named tight pants, created some variations, then duplicated it and named it baggy pants. There seems to be a feature where the url of my duplicate becomes and you can change it but it's not obvious that my new URL is going to be such. 100 products later I realize that this is hapening and now have to go through every product and change it's handle. Wound be nice to either : a) have the handle field opened just so people can see right away what this url is going to be. b) put some logic around when creating a duplicate, whatever you change the title to, the handle is also changed to relect the new title. Thank you kindly, Ss.
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Yes! It looks pretty unprofessional and ridiculous to have copy-of…showing up in the url bar. More importantly, it can be confusing to a perso looking at a “widget” to see the URL say “copy-of-gadget”.


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I have the same problem.
Is it possible to change these url or do we need to create again the product?



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12 years later and this problem is still out there... Wow.


I do have a solution though, for anyone else that comes across this post. Arigato can easily scan your entire library of products and detect if the term "copy of" is in the URL. From there it can either document the issue in a spreadsheet so you can change it manually, or just update it for you. There's a library workflow available for it here:

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There *IS* a quick and easy way to update it. I couldn't find this anywhere on the forums so I hope this helps some people.


Go to Products -> All Products

Select All, then click Select All 50+

Click "Edit"

Remove all fields except for url handle

Click the first entry in the url handle field, scroll down to the bottom of the first page of 50, hold shift and click the last cell.

Hit 'DEL' and then your url handle title will be updated to the current title of the listing.

Click Save, it will update them all, click next page and repeat the above 3 steps of selecting and deleting the old url handles in bulk.


I just finished updating about 100 manually when I found this out, so I hope it saves you guys some time too.

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