Ask A Guru: Customizing Your Theme

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Shopify provides a fantastic selection of themes for your store, both with free themes developed by Shopify and premium themes made by third-party developers. They’re a fantastic starting point, but there will come a time when you’ll want to customize your theme to make it perfect for your brand. This post will guide you through how best to make the changes you’d like to see, and where to look for support with your theme!


Accessing Your Theme’s Code


Many guides that you’ll come across, both in our help documentation and in other resources you might come across, will require changes to your theme’s code. This can be accessed in your admin:


  • Navigate to Online Store > Themes

  • Click on the Actions button

  • Select Edit Code

We always highly recommend making a backup of your theme before making any changes to the code that you see here - when you see unexpected results after making a few changes, it isn’t always easy to determine what’s causing the issue and discarding the changes. Having an unaltered copy of your theme’s code makes it much easier to recover your original settings!


Shopify Themes


Any theme made by Shopify is 100% free, and is supported by us - if you’re ever having trouble with a Shopify-made theme, reach out to us at any time and we’ll be happy to help! Shopify Gurus can help advise on minor changes, and if more in-depth help is needed, we can reach out to our Themes team for additional help - every account with Shopify is eligible for an hour’s worth of free design time so that you can get your theme looking just as you’d like it.


There are some limits to the scope of our support (check out our guide on customizations that we can’t help with) - just reach out to us if you’re not sure whether the customization you’d like is something that we can do for you. If not, we’ll be happy to help advise you on your best next steps - it may be a feature offered in a premium theme, or something that you can reach out to a third-party design expert for hire for assistance in creating!


Premium Themes


If a theme has a cost associated with it, then it’s a theme made by a third-party developer. While we’ll do everything that we can to help with any queries you might have about making changes to your theme, we’re not experts in altering code that we haven’t created ourselves.


If you find that you need assistance with a third-party theme, your best first step is to reach out to the theme’s developer! You can find this information by accessing the theme customization screen:


  • Navigate in your admin to Online Store > Themes

  • Click on the Customize button

  • In the next screen, click on the Theme Settings tab

  • Click on Read Documentation or Support

They’ll be able to guide you on next steps, and can let you know if what you’re looking for requires an expert developer.

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Speed is a very important factor for every good website. The more you spend time with your website, the more you will understand about it.  A Shopify Theme is a general, overarching term that refers to the files that control the look and feel of a Shopify store. From a technical standpoint, a Shopify theme combines HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Liquid and image files into what shoppers see on screen, or the “front end.”


A point to be noted when uploading products on the store is Shopify’s built-in search tool heavily relies on tags, so it’s important to keep this in mind when adding tags. 


I am not a developer by any means, but you can learn basics from Shopify help center to edit and customize your theme to a certain point.


To get the high-quality theme and UI Design, use 3rd party dev themes with support. They will help you in many ways. I was having some serious issues in dynamic checkouts and they spend some serious time with me and corrected every possible thing. 


Whether you are one person business or have a team, try to automate the daily or routine tasks to reduce the load from your shoulders. Use Shopify apps, there are a wide variety of apps that can help you to increase your business to another level. 


But keep in mind, some apps are outdated, but some are not. And keep in mind.. do not install 1000s of apps, it will slow your website load time. Uninstall the apps you are not using it. 

Here is the good list of apps that will help your business to grow:

  • Order Printer
  • AMP by Shop Sheriff
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Fraud Filter
  • Plug in SEO
  • Rivyo Product Review
  • Zendesk
  • SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps
  • MetaFields Editor

There are much more depending upon the type of the store you are running. 


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I need help centering product titles on my debut theme. I have tried every code provided here on the forums and nothing has worked for me. Any help?

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Contact Shopify support. They will definitely help you because the theme is made my the Shopify. 

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Shopify Staff
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Hey, Natalia!

Absolutely - as Manpreet's mentioned, we'd be glad to assist! Our Themes team can help with tweaks and coding issues, so long as your theme is made by us and you've chosen a plan with us. Just reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help!


Alex | Shopify

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I have a question though I am not certain this is the proper place to ask. Is it possible to have a check mark or drop down menu that lets the customer choose the color scheme of a website? Say 4 different color schemes pre setup and they click on the one that suits them?

Seems silly I guess but I am interested in being able to offer this.

I am currently using Narrative theme

Any help would be appreciated.

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It is not a good idea in my thinking.

Reason: Every business and website has their branding colors and logos and they have to follow that. Just think, Facebook put an option from blue to pink or red, how will that look? STUPID and it will affect the business. 

You have to stick with only the colors you have chosen at the time of start. The point is stick with only one color. 

Take an example of Twitter, you can create your profile color in any color you want. Why? Because they know that every company has their own color brandings so they put an option to create their profile according to their color schemes. 

Colors you choose are in some way the identity of your website. 

You can absolutely go with, dark mode, light mode options. 

Rest the choice is yours. If you have a theme from Shopify, Contact customer support and if you have a custom theme from a 3rd party website or developer, then contact them.

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Stupid huh? Okay. I'm sure I didn't explain well what I was looking for but I don't need to be insulted by some random "know it all" when I am asking for help

Good Day

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FYI, I was not calling you stupid. Read again. 

- Random "Know it all"


@Sonny it is possible. one great argument for color choice is accessibility.

Available for hiring. Inbox me lixonic[at]gmail[dot]com