Attributing an Shopify order to a Funnel via Zapier + Shopify Order Notes.

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Hi all,

I was hoping someone out there could help me out. Currently, I have the following problem. I've got this pretty robust spreadsheet that helps me determine which funnels/Landing pages are working best by attributing orders to a funnel based on a funnel ID (that is somehow stored in the checkout process, and passed on via a shopify note - or something else??) So if an order comes through, and it originated via a funnel id like to know about that. The way I can see this working is to somehow add a note/tag or something so that when I have that order pulled via Zapier, it adds in the Funnel/Landing Page ID into the shopify order notes, and thus passed on through shopify via Zapier. I need to know which funnels are converting!

Any ideas on how to do?