Automated Collection Conditions - Using AND + OR in one collection

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Hi everyone,


Is there a way to automate a collection with a set of ALL (AND) and ANY (OR) conditions combined? For example, I'd like a collection to be populated by...


[Product Type: "clothing"] AND [Product Tag: "men" OR "unisex"]


Happy to hear other ways to set this up that I may not be thinking about.





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Hey, @gokits89!


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify.


Thanks for bringing this great question up! At the moment that feature isn't yet available on the automated collection's settings. However, I'd love to send the suggestion of Including both AND/OR on automated collections to our development team to review for a future update. I can't guarantee that it'll be available right away, but the more requests we have for this feature the likelier it is to be considered for feature updates down the road.


I do have a workaround for you though. Depending on how you want to use these collections you can get creative with it.


If you're using the collections to organize your products to keep things in order for yourself, you can use a separate tag. This works if your customers don't use the tags to filter the products on your website since the tags will show up. That said though you can use a tag for example like men+unisex_collection.


An easier method would also be to create a separate collection just for unisex products. This collection can be added to the menu of your site as a section just for unisex. In most cases, this does help customers search for items that have a specific fit or style they want. It's also a great way to expand from just offering men's or women's links on the site.


If you're using the automated collection to include both unisex and men's items to show on the site on one page, you can also opt to create one large collection with all the items for men, unisex and women. Once you've got one collection, you can add that collection to more than one menu item in your navigation menu then filter for tags to show only those products with that menu link.


Here's a visual of how to do this:





Let me know how you do with the information above! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify
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Maybe our app Advanced Collection - - can help as well, it has the option to create a collection that includes products from different automated collections in Shopify and auto-syncs.


So you can create collections in Shopify admin -

1) Product Type 'clothing' AND Product Tag 'men'

2) Product Type 'clothing' AND Product Tag 'unisex'


Then create an advanced collection in the app that include products from 1) and 2). A little bit cumbersome to set up but once you are done it works automatically =)


There are also other options which might be relevant e.g. including products with tags that contains certain phrases etc.