BUG in Cart: doesnt allow editing quantities

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Hello, I have come across a bug on my store. I have an automatic discount of "buy one get second 50% off".


The problem is that, when the automatic coupon gets applied, it creates 2 seperate items, one thats discounted and one thats not. Trying to change the quantity you'd like to purchase to 2 on one of those items resets it back to 1, essentially not allowing you to buy more than 2 items.


you can try it out at this link: https://hwoutlet.com/products/led-motion-sensing-light-bar?variant=31553922072715


try to add 2 to your cart, and then try to increase the quantity from inside your cart


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much

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Hello Andrew,


I am glad if I can assist you. Please contact me at

Email: diksha@mutewebtechnologies.com

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