Basic Feature removal?

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I'm raising a complaint as a long-time user of Shopify services due to the removal of some, what I consider, pretty basic functions from retailers who are content with the Lite version. 

I have only 2 chief concerns:

  1. My first complaint is in regards to the removal of the Exchange option from the Lite version and how its rolled into the Pro version only.
    Before the recent updates, the former Shopify version gave us access to the Exchange option and now it's suddenly locked behind a NEW pay wall. I understand that changes happen, but it was an odd choice, in my opinion, to take away such a small convenience from retailers.
  2. My second complaint is targeted towards another small convenience; the ability to save carts. My reason for the complaint is essentially the same as the first. These are such small conveniences that can save retailers a bit of time, but does that warrant locking them behind a NEW pay wall? The reason why this is concerning is that it sets up a dangerous precedent for how more small conveniences might end up behind a pay wall in the future rather than the focus on actual improvements. The Pro version should be all about metrics, back-end AND front-end improvements rather than reallocating such basic POS features like Exchanging and Cart Saving.

Our store doesn't quite need the metrics and yet the way the payment plans are laid out, it feels like they're being forced onto us. 

Please give it some thought as I'd like to know why this kind of decision was made.