Beginners User's Guide to Create Bespoke Page Layout

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I'm totally new to Shopify (I use Wordpress and have CSS and HTML knowledge). A client has tasked me with creating a bespoke landing page for their existing Shopify site. I have got as far as creating a new page, duplicating a template and assigning it to the page and assigning existing sections to the template. However, whenever I try to duplicate a section and rename it ready to edit for the new template, the layout is completely out of whack. I've managed to get a pre-existing section plus it's duplicated/renamed section on the same template and the original section is displaying correctly whilst the clone is not (layout all over the place, no images displaying, etc). I really don't know what I'm doing wrong but I've followed everything I've managed to Google on the matter. Like I said, I'm literally new to Shopify so was wondering if there's an easy-to-follow guide somewhere that could help me produce a new bespoke page for the site. Any help would be gratefully eceived.