Best sellers carousel changes

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I am looking at changing a best sellers carousel that was implemented on my shopify store a couple of months ago.

There seems to be formatting issues when viewing the carousel on mobile view (see attachment image). Can this be aligned to feature in the center of the screen with the left/right arrows appearing in view as it seems to be cropped off.

Is there also a way to have all the text featured in the center across all devices as at the moment the price is on the left hand side. Can the vendor also be removed?

Our website url is

Any help or assistance would be much appreciated.Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 12.00.31.png

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Hope you're doing well! 

I understand the migration process requires some work. We've love to help Shopify merchants to focus more on growing the business. Our group of designers can check and help with the issue, feel free to visit our site  The team can help with on the budget and small tasks.