Best theme for a home page Video Banner?

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Working on my second shopify store. Need a theme that had a good video banner at the top of the home page.
Aside parallax from out of the sandbox, any others come to mind?

Simple site, dozen products or so. More about what the unique product does. Showing the product in action is the key to selling it.



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Jason,

Stephen a Shopify Guru here :)


This theme Palo Alto by Page Mill Design has built in video options which can be viewed on the themes preview page.

The following themes are also listed as having Video functionality on the homepage, but I didn't see any videos on their previews. What I suggest doing is trying the preview of these themes in your store and if you find one you like then reach out to the developers for more information about the theme.

* [Blockshop](

* [Icon](

* [Responsive](

* [Retina](

* [Weekend](

* [Ira](

Hope that helps, feel free to drop us a line at if you have any other questions. 

Stephen :)