Best way to create multiple versions of sections on static pages

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I'm looking for the most efficient way to create sections that I can use on static pages, without having to make a new section file for every single section and render that separately. 

Right now, say I want to make an about page... I take the code from a section I want multiple times (for example image with text) and copy it into separate section files called about-feature-row-1, about-feature-row-2 etc. I then make a page.about template and render those sections after each other. If I would just render about-feature-row-1 multiple times, it loads the exact same thing as it has the same section id.

Is there a better way to do this?

Could I not just make a custom-feature-row and have something like a forloop on the section id, so I could render it on any static page and have unique content in it?


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try this one 

Rendering section blocks

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