Bigger Product Boxes on Collection Page

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Hi there! How can I make the products per collection page wider, bigger, and centered to maximize the width of the page? Right now it looks very small and the space is very big.


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@ariannesalamat I can see your website code  not completely full width 
Option 1 : I can see your theme was a custom theme check their theme layout full-width option available.  
option 2 you can change the code  


container to container-fluid the section will full width 

I will suggest hiring experts someone or you can contact me.

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Hi @ariannesalamat 

This is PageFly, I would love to provide a solution for the issue. Please go to:

Themes => edit code => asset => style.scss.css

and find (Cmd F) the container class

and add the code below into

.section_template__collection .container {
       max-width: 100%;
.section_template__collection .collection_img img{width: 100%;} 

Hope it will help you. If you find my answer is helpful, you can give it a like. Let me know if you need help.


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Thank you for this!! Would this code still work if I have, for example, only 1 product for a collection? Does it mean that product will be centered and big as well?