Blog Comment Notifications? - Possible?

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Aloha I recently opened a new shopify store

We have enabled comments on our Blog, pending approval of each comment.

I find myself checking the admin way too often to see if any comments need approval to be seen.

Is there any way to create an email notification when comments are awaiting approval?

If this can't currently be done - SHOPIFY PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! - I need my sanity back! ;)

thanks for any help!

Shadow Diessner / Kona Henna Inc.
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Hey Shadow,


Have you figured this out yet? I'd like to know the answer as well..

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Would love to know the answer to this also.  I've missed some interaction with clients.

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Hey guys, you need to subscribe to that private feed: You can set up your feed reader to update you via email, so you will get an email whenever there's a new comment to approve.

Caroline from ∴ mllegeorgesand AT gmail DOT com
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If anyone's catching this in their search results - I've posted a free tutorial on how to get this done here:


Message me if you need any help!

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