Blog Featured Image: How do I keep it, but stop that image from appearing on the blog Article page?

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I am using the Parallax theme from Out Of The Sandbox theme developers. 

For the blog, you can add a Featured Image which does 2 things:

1. Uses that image in the Blog Home page, with a list of recent posts + excerpt + "Read More" (I DO like this)

2. Automatically adds the Featured Image to the top of the post (a.k.a. "article page") when it is published (I DON'T like this!)

What I want to do is to use the Featured Image for the Blog Home Page (I'll use a narrow, horizontal image here, 
like the theme developers recommend) ... but to DISABLE IT from appearing automatically at the top of the Blog Post itself.

Then I can manually add a long, vertical Pinterest-friendly version of my image exactly where I want it. (I know how to do that.) 

To disable the Featured Image from appearing on the post, I am guessing you would add or remove some code in either:

* blog-template.liquid

* featured-blog.liquid

Any suggestions on how I would do that? 



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Hi Sheila, 

it is difficult to help with the liquid code because the theme is a paid one and not every forum user has it.

I'd check first if it is possible to switch off this hero banner in the Customize Theme (you have to navigate to the actual blog article in the right pane to see the relevant options in the left part of the screen).

Generally you should be looking in the article-template.liquid Section  and the code you want to change is somewhere around <div id="slide-article" ...

However, as a less preferre option, you can hide this picture with CSS, which is much easier to help you with (the browser may still load the picture, even if it is hiden). Try adding this code to the bottom of the styles.scss.liquid Asset:

#slide-article .bcg {
    background: none transparent !important;
#slide-article img.hsContainer__image {
    display: none;
.article #slide-article .hsContainer {
    height: auto;

You would probably have to change the font colors as well. 

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Thank you, Tim! This is so helpful. I will give this a try. 


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Hey Tim,Can you please help me hide featured image from blog posts list ?

I still need them on the actual blog post , but definitely not the list of blog post page appreciate your help