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Hi! I am using debut theme. I am wondering how I can make my banners/slide show less blurry. When I view them on the phone they look fine, but on a desktop they look pretty bad. 


URL is


You have to upload an higher resolution image. At the moment your image is 820x312 pixels.

I suggest to use at least an image 1920px wide.

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The image uploaded is really small to begin with so scaling that big will always result in a blur.
Now there's two reasons why it might be small:

  1. the file you are actually uploaded is small
  2. the theme you're using is setting a max size for the image and downsizing it.

First check the size of the image on your local computer. What are the dimensions?

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@jennarose The recommended image size is 1200px to 2000px width, and 400px to 600px height, check this guide by Shopify Guru. The resolution of your current banner image is 300x300 therefor in desktop it looks blurry.