Boundless Theme: Add list of products tagged (linked to a collection) to a page.

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Hello, I post a message today in despair to find help.
Here's my issue: I have the Boundless Theme and wish to add a products list linked to a specific collection, to a page I created. So the problem is that I can't find a code anywhere to add the list of products to the page, I only  find a way to add collections, but not the list of products linked to it.
Ha and I know that you can create a products list - collection page with the navigation menu BUT I need to add text to the page so I can't sadly use this method.
Collection : Vintage - Tag : secondhand - So all the products tagged secondhand will be displayed in the collection Vintage, and I wish this list of products to appear on a specific page.


I really hope that you will be able to help me, thank you very much in advance. Kchan.