Boundless action bar linking to wrong submenu items

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Hey there,


I am using the boundless theme, and am having issues with the action bar linking to the incorrect submenu and therefore the incorrect collections.




To repeat the issue:

go to URL > click on SHOP BY STYLE in the black action bar > this will present a submenu that has ALL, PERENTIE, SPANISH DANCER and LIONFISH options. It should have ALL, TOPS, BOTTOMS, ONE PIECES. 

Note: The SHOP BY PRINT option sometimes has the correct submenu (ALL, PERENTIE, SPANISH DANCER and LIONFISH) and sometimes shows ALL, TOPS, BOTTOMS, ONE PIECES).


You will also notice that when toggling between SHOP BY STYLE and SHOP BY PRINT the action bar shows both options as active (i.e. with the line underneath it). Not sure if this is linked to the issue.


I have tried deleting and re-adding the menu items, but that hasn't fixed it.


Any assistance or help would be very much appreciated.


Screenshot of navigation settings below:
Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 2.42.02 pm.png




As i can see all menus are displayed properly as you mentioned.

There can be cache issue on your site.

See below screenshot:

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Thanks for your response. Yes, it is correct in the main menu, but on the action bar (the black horizontal bar that mimics the main menu - see screenshot) the links are not functioning properly i.e. the SHOP BY STYLE shows the SHOP BY PRINT submenu items and vice versa. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 4.10.43 pm.png



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This happens because they both point to the same address. 

The code does not track which option you've clicked in the menu -- it checks if this menu item points to the current page or not. And this matches both of your top-level  menu items.

Therefore it has hard time determining which submenu to display (though I can't tell right away why it selects a particular submenu oner another one, this needs deeper look in the code).

Try pointing one of your top-level links to a different page and see if the problem persists -- for example, you may create a copy of the same collection with different  title as a work-around.


Also -- you do not have to use the same menu for hamburger and for action bar, you can have different.



Actually -- when you are coming from a different page the code tries to show you both submenus (I shifted them a bit to show better):Untitled.jpeg


Therefore you see the last one of them on top of the other (top one being a submenu of the second top-level link).

When you're clicking different top-level menu item while on this same page, it shows only first matching submenu and this is the submenu of the first top-level link...

A bit complex, but...
Anyway -- do not point your top level links to the same page.

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Thank you! Changing the collection at the top level fixed the issue. Quite a confusing set up, but thanks for your clear explanation.