Breadcrumbs issue

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I recently enabled breadcrumbs to show, however I found one issue with it. The breadcrumbs that show after clicking on a product that is displayed on the homepage shows:

"Home » Products » Akepox 5010 Knifegrade - 2.25 Kilograms".

We don't want the "products" part to show, or have it not be clickable.

I don't know why it's showing the "products" link when it should just be "Home » Akepox 5010 Knifegrade - 2.25 Kilograms"

This is because that just brings you to 40 pages of all our products unorganized, which is not a part of our website (only shows up in breadcrumbs after clicking on a featured product on the homepage).
(What shows when clicking on the product from the homepage) 

It shows up correctly when going through the sidebar menu.
Home » Akemi Akepox Epoxy » Akepox 5010 Knifegrade - 2.25 Kilograms