[Broadcast Theme] Cart/Login/Search Icon change

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently using the broadcast theme. Does anyone know how to change the icons (including shopping cart, login, search)? 

My page is shoplonna.com 

password is 123456

Not sure if this will help but the code for my icon-cart.liquid is as follows


<svg aria-hidden="true" focusable="false" role="presentation" class="icon icon-cart" viewBox="0 0 20 20"><path fill="#444" d="M18.936 5.564c-.144-.175-.35-.207-.55-.207h-.003L6.774 4.286c-.272 0-.417.089-.491.18-.079.096-.16.263-.094.585l2.016 5.705c.163.407.642.673 1.068.673h8.401c.433 0 .854-.285.941-.725l.484-4.571c.045-.221-.015-.388-.163-.567z"/><path fill="#444" d="M17.107 12.5H7.659L4.98 4.117l-.362-1.059c-.138-.401-.292-.559-.695-.559H.924c-.411 0-.748.303-.748.714s.337.714.748.714h2.413l3.002 9.48c. 0 .748-.303.748-.714s-.336-.714-.748-.714zm-6.683 3.73a1.498 1.498 0 1 1-2.997 0 1.498 1.498 0 0 1 2.997 0zm6.429 0a1.498 1.498 0 1 1-2.997 0 1.498 1.498 0 0 1 2.997 0z"/></svg>


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance 


Can you share your site url?

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Broadcast theme is using svg icon for login icon and bootstrap glypicons for cart and search icons.

If you want to change login icon then you will have to change svg in assests.

if you want to change cart and search icon then you will have to make changes in css file

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Hi could you explain how to make those changes please?