Brookly Theme Product Page - Option Settings with Pictures

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Hey i got two questions for my website

First...i created the product page that people can change the background and see which number of background shows which background
But if someone comes to the product page and clicks first maybe the number of people to two and decides to look at the background afterwards its no longer possible to see the backgrounds. they will only show up if the clients first choose the background
Is there any option to code it that the backgrounds can be shown always even if people decides to first choose something else 
for example...someone comes to the prodcut page and clicks to number of people and clicks to fullbody ... after this it should be still possible to click to backgrounds and see the pictures changing

second problem is also the product page...there is always a picture or two too much 
i am only putting one picture in to the product page but its always being duplicated and i dont know why 

my url: