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my website is and i would like to change the font of the menu and the font size.  How do i do this please?


thank you in advance. 

Note i have no design hours left :)

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Hi, @larzyau ,

This is Evita from On The Map.


To edit menu you will have to add this code to Assets/theme.scss.liquid file at the very bottom: li a {
    // This will add rhe font to your menu, choose what ever you like.
    font-family: sans-serif!important;
    // This is your menu font size
    font-size: 22px!important;
    // This is your menu color
    color: #fff!important;

Adjust the code ass you want :)



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thank you very much for your help with this.

When i addd the code it actually changed my home page to have a hamburger icon instead of a full menu.   i would like it to continue to have the full menu along the top of the home page, but would just like the font size to be a bit bigger (and maybe changed the style of font).


thank you again

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HI Everyone

If someone could kindly help me change the size of the menu when viewing on a desk top (not the hamburger icon when viewing on mobile.

On a desktop the menu is very small and i would just like to increase the size.


The website is


Unfortunately i don't have any design hours left and Shopify won't help me without getting a developer.  I know this is only just a snippet of code that i need to input into the CSS section.

Thank you again in advance.