Brooklyn Theme Mobile Hamburger Menu is Not Working / Unresponsive

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Hoping someone can help with this!  I changed the header logo in Brooklyn to be centered on desktop and mobile and it looks good.  

However - something has changed the button space for the hamburger menu, meaning if I tap right on the hamburger it's unresponsive.  If I tap the hamburger menu at it's top left corner is responds, and opens the menu. This could be a padding or size issue, but I'm not sure.  

I think that if I can move the placement of the hamburger menu slightly up and a little to the left edge of the screen, the button may work, as I can see in the simulator that the cursor responds to that area on the screen, (and not the area where the hamburger menu sits on the screen). 

Any help would be appreciated.

The URL is: 

Thank you!! 

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This is an accepted solution.

@kmdesign - please add following css to the end of your theme.scss file and check, issue is menu margin is overlapping menu, hence this css

.site-nav__link--burger{ z-index: 1000;}


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Thank you so much!  Worked like a charm.