Brooklyn Theme - Showing Discount Percentage On Collection Pages Similar to the Actual Product Page

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I've seen a few posts on this but they were pretty old and didnt seem to work for me.  This seems like it would do what I want but the code is different and this is from 2015.


Basically I just want to change the discount design on collections.  I have a "Featured Collection" on the home page and all my products are nested in colelctions.  It's just an ugly red circle in the top left corner saying $20 off.  But on the price it doent show the before price like it does on the product page. Shown below.  I would like the red circle to at least say the percentage instead of the amount, and at the bottom I want it to have the original price crossed off and showing the sale price and maybe even some sort of discount percentage shown there as well.


As you can see once you click on the product it shows it normally



Is there any way to solve this on the brooklyn theme?  Like I said theres a link above with instructions but the code is different than in the explanation and it didnt solve the problem.  It would be nice to show percentage on the single product page as well if possible.



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Did you manage to get this resolved? I want to do the exact same

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Any recommended solutions to this?