Brooklyn Theme: Weird Glitch

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Hello! My site is and it’s not a big deal but big enough that it’s a little annoying. So when I go to the page that lists all of my products, when I click on the picture for my product, it bumps me back up to the top of the product page instead of taking me to the actual product. And then, if I scroll back down and click on the picture again, it will me you to the product like it’s suppose to. I’ve also noticed is does this when i’m in the actual product and I try to click on one of the payment buttons like add to cart or google pay. It’ll just bump me right back to the top and then I can proceed to click it on like normal after that. Can someone tell me why it does this??? I’ve tried to add things to the theme but it didn’t work so I deleted it. The code should be the normal code so I’m not sure what’s going on.