Brooklyn Theme - how to remove hamburger menu and only use page navigation

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Need assistance with disable/remove hamburger menu and only use page navigation menu at top of website.
I've reduced the words down as some blogs have suggested but still have the same layout. 


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Hello there! 

This is Ren from the Shopify support team, here to help out.

With Brooklyn, there is a very hard limit to the size of the navigation menu and if too long, it will automatically revert to a hamburger menu no matter what. If you've exhausted all you can in terms of reducing characters/words, you can also try making some changes to your typography. Decrease the font size and also play around with the different font types to find one that is smaller. 

Another option would be to consolidate some of your menu items into a drop-down. Here's how to do that. 

The final and more drastic option would be to select a new theme altogether and simply build/work on it in the background (unpublished) until it's ready to go.

et me know what you think of those options and if I can help clarify any of that for you! How are things going with your business?

Are you finding any other pain points that I can help you address? 

Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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