Brooklyn: how to use the two sides of the product page and the collection page?

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Hello all!


I'm very statisfied with Brooklyn themyet I need some adjustments (who doesn't?).


I d like to add banners or images on the two sides of the product and collections pages instead of leaving that blank, as you can see at  the attached screenshot. 


How to do it??? I ll really appreciate any help.


Best to all!IMG_8043.jpgIMG_8044.jpg




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What do you want to put in the blank spaces and why? Most web pages have a reading column which usually has a max width set so it doesn't expand across the whole browser window. Some themes let you put images on the homepage that extend across the entire width of the page, but your main column that contains the text shouldn't be wider than, say, 1200 px to ensure readbility.


You're only seeing this whitespace anyway because your browser window is fairly wide. On narrower windows or on mobile visitors will not see this blank space or it will be smaller.

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Got it. Thank you my friend 👍🏻