Brooklyn product page bug, can someone help me?

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Basically, when some products page load, the bottom of the site loads in the middle, I don't know exactly how to explain so I dropped some images for you guys. And this only happens with two products of nine, I tried to delete and reupload them but the same error occurs with those products. I don't know what to do, I am almost giving up these products, if someone can help me, I would be very glad.ui.pngThe red arrows are pointing to the dynamic recommendation text and product, which should be in the footer of the site, below the photos of the product.oi.pngThe same happen here, but in this case I tried to disable the dynamic recommendation, and then the footer of the site goes to the middle.

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Hi, @Keynadaby ,

This is Evita from On The Map.


Can you add your store URL? And also are you using any apps?



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I thought it could be some app, so I tried to delete them but the bug continued. And yes, of course, the url is



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Nope, it's not the app but happens because your product description contains several images and not much else.

Theme code needs to know the height of product description element, but tries too early when images are not yet loaded and makes wrong decisions.

Try to add the following code to the very bottom of you theme.js.liquid asset (make a theme duplicate before editing!)

$('.product-single__description img').load( function(){ 
  console.log('description image loaded');

The code should force element height recalculation when images load.

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