Brooklyn theme bug modal search-bar focus lost when slideshow hero banner changes in autoplay fixed

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Hi guys,

I just discovered (and luckily was able to fix) an annoying bug that I just came across:

I'm using Brooklyn and noticed that when I'm on the home page and open the search modal, the focus from the input field is taken away everytime the hero banner is changed in the background with the autoplay slideshow. Apparently this happens because in Brooklyn's theme.js.liquid there is a setting that causes the focus being given to the new hero banner everytime it changes. If you have the same problem, open the theme.js.liquid and ctrl/cmd + f for "focusOnChange". There in the slider default settings, you have to change that value from "true" to "false". Like this:

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 01.16.33.png

I hope this is helpful for some people.