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I am web developer and I am about to develop a Shopify theme for a client. The website is completely customized meaning that I will have to build a new theme from scratch.


I have built numerous Wordpress themes, but this is my first time building a Shopify theme. Having read a lot of different opinions on forums, I would like to ask for your expertise regarding where to start.


As per my research, there are various approaches for developing a theme, e.g. Slate and ThemeKit. Slate (i am aware that it is built on ThemeKit) seems to the recommended choice for new themes, but as per the documentation ( Shopify stopped supporting Slate january 2020. This makes me rather confused.


How do I get started? Should I use Slate though Shopify does not support it?




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Hello @wolflundholm,

           theme kit also provides a starting point for building new theme.

It provides all necessary for building a new theme