Building a custom theme from (almost) scratch

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I have experience editing and modifying existing themes but  am starting a project where I need to build a theme from scratch.


I was using theme-kit before but the current documentation recommends Slate. I started a slate based project and ran into some issues and checked the github and it seems it is no longer being actively supported. Looking at github it looks like theme-kit was more recently updated.


Anyways, these are some mixed messages and I'm just curious if there is any currently recommended way to build themes from scratch that is being supported, or what the best way to go is?



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if you are windows user, then forget about latest version of slate, there are many bugs and it is not working in windows... You have to use older slate 0. which has problems on Windows too... So, windows users have to stay for theme-kit. (((

And even if your are Mac user and can use Slate, well... Slate is not longer supported.

I don't know what is going to be further, but there is need some stable tool for developers, especially when soon new features are coming... 

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Hmmm, this seems to be a problem!


I think I am just going to settle with theme-kit for now to keep things simpler.


I like the look of this, parceljs, for managing and bundle script assets and being able to use babel/ES6.

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We recently redid our theme from practically scratch and used this naked theme:

It is not being supported anymore either, but we didnt require anything additional or any maintenance. We would either use theme kit and work locally or work straight off the editor in shopify, which was often easier since we are right next to each other in cubicles and could just ask "hey are you in style.css? I need to change something." Making sure we never over wrote anything that the other was working on.

It was a real good starting point for us and the store redesign has done quite well since launch with minimal issues.
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Thanks for the advice!


I just started with a more built out shopify theme, but I think this will be better.